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We have made product and price changes; the 5lb. bag per-pound price offers a discount off the 1lb. bag per-pound price.
For safety and security, due to COVID-19 we can not accept returns during this time so please be mindful of the grind type you order.
Kobrick 15 oz. Coffee Campfire Mug
Kobrick Coffee – 20 oz. Black Tumbler
Kobrick Coffee – 20 oz. White Tumbler
Kobrick Coffee/Cappuccino (6.76 oz.) Porcelain Cups and Saucers - Set of Two
Kobrick Espresso (2.37 oz.) Porcelain Cups and Saucers - Set of Two
Unfolded Half Moon Fitlers - 100 count
Kone - Resusable Stainless Steel Filter
Chemex - 3 Cup Glass handle
Chemex - 8 Cup Glass - Classic
Bodum Chambord - 8 Cup French Press
Bodum Chambord - 3 Cup French Press
Kobrick Coffee - Black Tee Shirt - Small
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