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Kobrick Coffee and the Kobrick Family have a strong awareness around the issues concerning our own carbon footprint and that of our society and communities around the world. From this awareness we have launched the Kobrick Coffee Canopy Tree Project. The mission is to plant as many canopy trees as possible on coffee farms around the world. The benefits of canopy trees are many and include, but are not limited to; improving the quality of the coffee, improving the soil on the farm, improving the water retention in the soil, providing natural pest control through increased bird habitat, saving the lives of beautiful tropical bird species, providing the farmers with another form of income and fresh fruit or nuts to provide food to their families and neighbors from their new trees. Through this project we have met farming families who we have then partnered with to bring our customers wonderful micro lot coffees that have been grown on these farms. Some of these farms had previously only been offering their coffees with other coffees from the region to the market. We are very passionate about the Canopy Tree Project and believe that it can provide a lasting positive impact on many threats around coffee sustainability with its great benefits to coffee farmers, the land, and the environment, while preserving our earth and our living creatures.
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Good Karma... Great Crema...
With our Tiger Stripe Reserve Rainforest Alliance Certified Espresso we donate a percentage of profits to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The organization heads campaigns for animals in crisis around the world. Surviving tigers inhabit areas that are also coffee growing regions such as Indonesia and we use an Indonesian selection as a composition of the espresso blend. Kobrick Coffee is connected to the issue and hope we can do a small part to save wild tigers from extinction.
NYC Homeless Pet Charities
With our Fair Trade Certified Organic Brooklyn Blend we will donate a percentage of profits to these organizations: The Mayors Alliance for NYC’s Animals works with the City of New York toward transforming NYC into a no-kill community and works with over 150 rescue groups and no-kill shelters to do so. They hold large pet adoption events, spay/neuter and micro-chipping events, and have great programs such as Wheels of Hope - a free adoptable pet transportation service to help move animals quickly to no-kill shelters and rescue groups. We have worked with the Mayors Alliance at events and a portion of the proceeds from our Brooklyn Blend goes toward their Wheels of Hope mission and their affiliated rescue groups. “Best Friends Animal Society is on the ground in New York City, helping to save the lives of homeless pets, supporting other organizations in their efforts to make New York no-kill permanently and raising awareness about the nearly 5,500 dogs and cats killed every day in U.S. shelters. The Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in New York City serves as both a space for local pets to find homes, and an outlet for the national no-kill message, helping to spread the word about Best Friends’ efforts to lead the country to no-kill by 2025.”
The Story of Fair Trade Certified Organic Brooklyn Blend: On a snowy night in Brooklyn, a pregnant cat was found – scared and shivering – and brought to a local shelter. Within 24 hours, “Brooklyn” was adopted by the Kobricks. Five bundles of joy were soon born, and in time, each was placed in a loving forever home. Wishing that all the sad “tails” of homeless dogs and cats could have the same happily ever after as Brooklyn and her kittens, we have created Brooklyn Blend. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to shelters and rescue groups who feed, care for and find families excited to open their hearts to a furry friend awaiting that joyful day when they go home. Add some change to the kitty. Fetch a cup to help a pup. Purrs, woofs and gratitude for your help, and please spay it forward!
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